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Hi! Welcome to the T.A.L.E. project blog, where you can see the develop of an international project about storytelling and sharing experiences. Keep reading to know what we're doing:

tell another learn eachother

We live in stories. They’re fun, dramatic, fantastic, miserable, personal, folkloristic, and – as long as someone is telling his tale – true. We accept the possibilities of every story, and we have one too, it makes us the heroes of our personal journeys.
Share stories is the way a person starts knowing another person, it is the way to accept the subjective difference between everyone. Revealing our stories is the simpliest way to end prejudices, to break stereotypes, to find our implied transculture.

The workshop focus on the link between folkloristic and personal narratives: through a process of deconstruction and reconstruction it is possible to create a modern tale where people can recognize themselves and understand the others as part of the same story.


The aim is to create a modern tale, and also to make the people involved show their collective story through a recorded performance or a stop-motion animation. All the short movies will be collected in a blog and a youtube channel, allowing all the partecipants – and the rest of the world – to see the results of a possible worldwide new folktale.


This workshop is really flexible for all the countries involved and also for the subjective abilities of the coaches and the people they will meet. Internet can help connecting the groups from all over Europe and sharing not just the results, but the entire work in progress and also the folktales from the people involved.


The aim of the project is NOT to create an epic movie, but to share stories. Digital cameras, computers and freeware softwares are now common elements of our society – using them creatively is the goal. The groups, even choosing to use paper, paint, clay or “mixed media” - can find this cheap materials easily.


We hope you'll enjoy this blog!

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